Jax says hello!

Some Inspirations (In no particular order)

  • Done
  • Red Rising
  • Blame!
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Dredd 2012
  • DOOM
  • Powder Mages trilogy

  • Honrable Mentioned: 2020 CE

About Me

I'm Gregory, a Connecticut Yankee, cog in the healthcare machine, and "Dreamweaver" to qoute the GOAT. Tinkering on the site is a new hobby, but my main passion is writing. Check out the inspirations, and you'll get a feel for my tastes. Life can be unkind, the stars hungry, but mankind finds a way.

For the curious, 'The Vicious Stars' was the working name for what's now Daemonzed. It never quite fit, so now I have turned it into an umbrella term for my content. It's a mindset!